Monday, July 27, 2009

Does Art Pedroza Have A Job?

That very question has crossed the minds of more than one OC politico. OC's nastiest political blogger has all kinds of time on his hands to publish distortions, lies and personal attacks on his constantly evolving list of self-made enemies. When does he have time to work?

Supposedly, Art is now runs his own safety consulting firm, Pedroza and Associates. Though why anyone would hire him after reading just a few of his ravings is beyond me. His posts don't exactly scream "stable" or "professional."

Art started his consulting firm in November 2008, as the financial crisis was in full-blown melt-down mode. At the time, Art worked for American Technologies, Inc. (according to his Linked In profile) as a "safety director." When Art was still a member of the OC GOP Central Committee, he could be heard talking about how he was making more than $100,000.

Art explained his departure from American Technologies by claiming they were asking him to to do unethical things like fudge reports, and he, being the tower of integrity he is, refused and quit.

The same guy who publishes unverified rumors and plain-old lies on an almost daily basis refuses to do the same thing at work to save his high-paying job in the middle of a deep recession? Suuurre.

Ask yourself: why would someone quit his $100K-plus job to start a consulting biz in the middle off the worst financial crisis in 50 years? Answer: he wouldn't do it voluntarily.

It's quite obvious from the time-stamps on Art's posts that he was blogging on American Technologies dime. Draw your own conclusion.

So does Art have a job? He used to claim on his LinkedIn profile that he had 100-500 employees! After another blogger kept calling him on it, he finally fixed that "error." Maybe his equally unstable buddy, developer Tony Bushala, is doling out "consulting gigs" to Art to keep him afloat. That might explain Art's constant online sucking up to Bushala.

If anyone can name an actual Pedroza & Associates client, tell us in the comments!

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  1. That and his sick obsession with NAMBLA should be enough to make neighbors keep the kids indoors.